Surviving Windows 10

Windows life is rough, here's some nice tips. This isn't gonna ask you to run some "unmicrosoftiziedameliorated" Windows build, it's just small things to make life a bit more bearable.

ShareX does more than you think

Get ShareX, it's free and open source, does screenshots, screen capture (not just fullscreen) BUT ALSO has tons of extra tools like OCR, QR decoding, color picking, image processing, video conversions, hash checking etc. check the Tools option in its context menu!

Antibody/Wiz* tools

These tools are incredibly faster than their more popular alternatives because they use NTFS metadata better than Windows itself.

Remove unwanted app aliases

Windows 10 comes with some command line aliases for apps. If you want to disable one or more of them (ie. python redirecting to the Windows Store app for Python), do this:

  1. From the start menu (or the control panel), search for "Manage app execution aliases".
  2. Find the entries you don't want and disable them.