Big N hates everyone

Nintendo is a shitty company that deserves no sympathy.
If you stream or play Nintendo games publicly, consider stopping: they don't want you to do that, they want people to buy the games themselves and not watch you play them and they will eventually come for your ass.

I'll say some praise though: they make the best games, they have not allowed themselves to be bought by some giant company and then ruined (Microsoft tried!), they cut the executive salaries during/after COVID instead of doing massive layoffs like everyone else. Their company policy and talent must be great, their PR and legal department should be fired yesterday.

Nintendo hates creators

(2023) Nintendo almost ends Pointcrow's career

Nintendo double striked Pointcrow to send a message to never ever fucking play modded Zelda ever again. They've been hitting at him so much that they "accidentally" claimed unmodded videos.
Eurogamer article ( mirror)

(2015 → 2018) Nintendo Creators Program

Wanna make content involving Nintendo IP without being struck into orbit? Sign this sweet deal where you give Nintendo a % earning of all your earnings while also giving them full editorial control of your content (and forbidding you from livestreaming any Nintendo IP)
They actually took it off cause people, somehow, actually stopped caring about Nintendo.
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Nintendo hates the competitive scene

(2023) Community Tournament Guidelines

Nintendo has enacted tournament guidelines which forbid third-party software (e.g. Slippi) and puts outrageous limits on all small tournaments. This might actually kill Melee.
Nintendo Community Tournament Guidelines ( mirror)

(2022) Nintendo shuts down Smash World Tour

There's some drama about this (Panda CEO trying to strongarm TOs into their circuit) but it doesn't make Nintendo less of a douche for just telling them to drop all their tournaments and killing the major Melee/Ultimate tournament scene.
Medium article from SWT ( mirror)

(2020) Nintendo shuts down Melee major because of a QoL mod

Nintendo decides to strike an already plenty bullied niche by shutting down one of its major tournaments for the crime of using a mod to make a 20 years old game playable online.
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Nintendo hates your rights

Emulation is legal (when done correctly), messing with your own hardware is legal. Nintendo outright denies this but their delusions are not your reality.

(2023) Nintendo bullies homebrew devs into touching grass

Nintendo lawyers have been trying to shut down projects to legally dump console keys for personal use.
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(2022) Nintendo allegedly took down many Switch-on-Deck videos

Nintendo (or someone sending DMCAs in their name) has been taking down Steam Deck videos that show it running Switch emulators like Yuzu and Ryujinx.
wololo article ( mirror)

(2020) Leaks show that Nintendo stalked a homebrew dev

Following a leak, internal documents have shown Nintendo hired PIs to dox and stalk 3DS homebrew devs to show up at their place to have a chat.
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Nintendo is actually evil

(2022) Nintendo takes down scans from a out-of-print, 27+ years old strategy guide.

In an effort to.. be Nintendo, Nintendo takes down someone's scans of a nearly 30 year old strategy guide for Super Mario 64 that they literally do not benefit from in any way.
NintendoLife article ( mirror)

(2022) Nintendo takes down all pokemon music from youtube, then from their own service

Only a couple months after sending 3500 takedowns to get YouTube to remove known uploads of Pokemon music, Nintendo shut down their own "Sound library" service just to make sure there is no legal or illegal way to listen to your favorite Pokemon tunes.
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(2022) Nintendo ruins a hacker's life to "send a message"

Nintendo sued and got a hacker's group scapegoat to jail and will extract 30% of his earning for the rest of his life. They don't really care for the money (someone's salary is a drop in the bucket for them), it was just "to send a message".
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(2020) Nintendo sends a Cease & Desist to a charity campaign

As a tribute to the departed Etika, "Etikons" were Joycon shells sold for charity to a mental health and suicide prevention charity. Nintendo sent a C&D leaving the poor author with tons of unsellable plastic waste.
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(2016) Nintendo takes down scans of Nintendo Power

Nintendo doesn't want you to relive your nostalgia so they made all known scans of a late-80s magazine disappear.
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